ACYA - People-to-People Director (P2P)

The objective of the People-to-People Director is to oversee and manage ACYA's cultural engagement focused partnerships and associated operations, in line with organisational strategies and policies

ACYA - People-to-People Director (P2P)

The P2P Director is an appointed position on the ACYA National Executive, and is a member of ACYA’s Pillars team. The People-to-People Director is primarily responsible for the oversight and management of cultural engagement focused ACYA initiatives and partnerships.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Facilitate ACYA chapters culture-related initiatives such as festival events;
  • Manage and develop external partnerships with a cultural or history focus;
  • Drive the development of cultural or general events and initiatives;
  • Report to the Managing Director and attend National Executive meetings;
  • Develop the skills, resources, and capabilities of Chapter P2P Executives;
  • Develop and maintain the People-to-People resources listed on the ACYA website;
  • Select and lead a team of Careers Officers to support the portfolio; and
  • Represent ACYA in public forums, when required;


  • Time commitment of ~10-15 hours/week;
  • Experience managing stakeholder relations and partnerships;
  • Ability to work well managing small teams and long-term projects;
  • (Optional but preferred) Experience contributing to cultural programs; and
  • (Optional but preferred) Experience managing across cultures, particularly with respect to the Australia-China relationship.