ACYA - Alumni Director

The objective of the Alumni Director is to manage and implement projects and initiatives that deliver value to both ACYA Alumni and current ACYA Executives and members.

ACYA - Alumni Director

The Alumni Director is an Appointed Position on the ACYA National Executive. and is a member of ACYA's Pillars Team. The Alumni Director is primarily responsible for the creation and delivery of projects tailored to young professionals in general and ACYA Alumni in particular.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive the development and implementation of new value propositions (projects, initiatives, events, etc.) tailored towards young professionals and their continued involvement in and connection with ACYA;
  • Maintain and develop existing Alumni-oriented projects and initiatives, including the "Alumni Spotlight" (interviews with Alumni posted on the ACYA website and social media);
  • Manage and develop external partnerships with a career-building focus;
  • Develop publications targeted to ACYA Alumni;
  • Continue building and maintaining an active database of notable ACYA alumni;
  • Organise the ACYA Alumni events in major cities across Australia and China.
  • Develop and maintain the alumni resources listed on the ACYA website;
  • Select and lead a team of Alumni Officers to support the portfolio; and
  • Represent ACYA in public forums, when required.


  • Time commitment of ~10-15 hours/week;
  • Experience managing stakeholder relations and partnerships;
  • Ability to work well managing small teams and long-term projects;
  • (Optional but preferred) Demonstrated event management experience; and
  • (Optional but preferred) Experience managing across cultures, particularly with respect to the Australia-China relationship