ACELS 15 Delegate FAQ

What is the Australia-China Emerging Leaders’ Summit (ACELS)?

ACELS 15 Delegate FAQ

What is the Australia-China Emerging Leaders’ Summit (ACELS)?

ACELS is the Australia-China Youth Association’s (ACYA) signature event, and a
key platform to unite and enrich a new generation of Australia-China literate
leaders. Over four days, delegates will be exposed to a wide range of issues in the
Australia-China space, engaging with industry leaders and experienced
professionals at the forefront of their fields.

ACELS 15 ‘Re-ignite the Spark’ will be held from 29th July – 1 August 2022. The Summit will bring together delegates from Australia and China to discuss the
multifaceted bilateral relationship. Through presentations, workshops, and
seminars, participants will deepen their understanding of the dynamic region, and
partake in cross-cultural dialogue.

Why should I attend the Summit?

Delegates will have the opportunity to connect and build friendships with young
professionals, industry leaders and fellow delegates through networking, social,
and cultural events. They will also be exposed to the most topical, pressing, and
innovative topics in the Australia-China space.

What is the application process?

  1. Fill out and submit an application form before the final deadline 11.59 pm AEST, Sunday 26th June 2022 (
  2. Applicants will receive an outcome by Monday 4th of July 2022. Successful
    applicants must accept the offer within 3 days and pay the Delegate Fee. The
    Delegate Fee for early bird applicants who applied before 11.59pm AEST, Friday 10th June 2022 is $180 AUD. The Delegate Fee for applications received after this date is $200 AUD.
  3. Closer to the date of the Summit, delegates will be sent a form to provide further details (including any dietary requirements) so we can ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who is:
● Between the ages of 18 and 30 (inclusive)
● Able to attend the Summit in Sydney from 29th July - 1st August 2022
● Currently an undergraduate or postgraduate student, or a young professional
● Able to demonstrate a keen interest in the relationship between Australia and

Please note that previous involvement with ACYA is NOT a prerequisite to attend
ACELS 15 Sydney.

How will delegates be selected?

In our selection process, we aim to recruit a diverse group of delegates from a
range of disciplines at the forefront of the Australia-China space. We are looking
for delegates who are interested in the Australia-China relationship and emulate
the Summit’s theme and vision.

When will I be notified of the application outcome?

Applicants will be notified by Monday 4th July 2022 of the outcome of their

I have been waitlisted for the Summit. What happens now?

After the registration deadline has passed for accepted delegates, we will notify
waitlisted delegates if there are still positions available.

Do I need to speak English to attend?

As ACELS will be primarily conducted in English, delegates should possess a
a certain level of listening and speaking skills in English in order to participate fully in the Summit.

Do I need to speak Chinese to attend?

ACELS will be held predominantly in English, and whilst previous Chinese
language experience is an asset, it is not a requirement for attendance.

How much does ACELS cost?

The ACELS 15 Delegate Fee is $180 for early bird applications (received before
11.59pm AEST, Friday 10th June 2022) and $200 AUD for general applications.

What will my delegate fee be used for?

The Delegate Fee covers:
● Delegate’s accommodation and meals for the duration of the Summit
● Access to Summit workshops, seminars and networking events
● Professional group and individual photography and videography

The Delegate Fee does not cover:
● Travel costs to and from the Summit (including to and from the airport)
● Additional snacks and drinks

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, there are a select number of $50 AUD equity scholarships available to attend
ACELS 15. You will be asked if you wish to apply for a scholarship in your application. You are eligible to apply for an equity scholarship if you meet the
following criteria:

● Domestic or international student currently enrolled at a university in
Australia or China
● Making satisfactory academic progress (GPA above 2.5)
● Experiencing financial difficulty (able to provide evidence)

Scholarship applicants will be contacted by the Delegates Team to provide
relevant supporting documentation after shortlisting.

What will the ACELS 15 program include?

ACELS 15 will feature an intensive four-day program of workshops, panel
discussions, speaker events and networking. These sessions will focus on
different areas, such as:
● Healthcare
● Environment & Sustainability
● Tourism
● Infrastructure & Development
● Technology
● Education
● Entrepreneurship
● Arts & Culture
● Economics & Trade
A more detailed schedule is currently being finalised and will be sent to
successful delegates. The Summit schedule will be supplemented by networking,
social, and cultural events.

I live in Sydney, can I stay at home instead of the accommodation provided?

Delegates are expected and encouraged to stay with the group at the accommodation provided. This will allow you to make the most of the ACELS experience, by getting to know other delegates and attending any impromptu social events. Please note, the delegate fee is a fixed amount and cannot be discounted if you choose not to stay at the accomodation provided.

What are the accommodation arrangements?

The ACELS 15 Project Team is in the process of finalising the accommodation location. Details will be provided to successful delegates closer to the Summit. Rooms will be twin-share and gender segregated wherever possible. If you have any sharing preferences, please contact us at to see if suitable arrangements can be made. Delegates who prefer to stay in a single room will be required to cover the additional costs.

Do I need to prepare for the Summit?

Although not required, we recommend that you do some personal research on
some topical themes in the Australia-China space. We will also provide resources
to delegates in the lead up to the Summit, as well as information on the speakers
and presenters, which will help you to start thinking about key questions and

Is there a Summit schedule available?

The ACELS 15 Project Team is in the process of finalising a Summit Schedule.
This will be provided if you are accepted as a delegate to attend the Summit.

Is attendance compulsory for all Summit events?

You must attend ALL workshops, seminars and social events, such as networking
sessions and the Gala Dinner

What should I wear to ACELS?

Delegates are required to wear business casual during seminars, panels,
workshops, and networking events.

Where can I find the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Welfare Policy for the Summit?

The ACELS Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Welfare Policy can be
accessed by emailing us at

What if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at